What is a Creative Coach?

Good question. My name is Nancy Lynée Woo and my joy is to help people express their gifts. I hold space for you to bring a vision, dream, or idea into reality—as gracefully as possible, one step at a time.

What you focus on expands, so first we focus on expanding your imagination to really, truly believe in your vision. Then, making a plan, taking action, and inviting discoveries becomes natural and enjoyable.

We address creative blocks in a straightforward, compassionate manner, celebrate accomplishments often, and keep our eyes on the horizon as we embrace the joy of the work: Clarify, Strategize, Execute, Innovate.

I use active listening, intuitive problem solving, and coaching tools to support you as you activate your dreams. Thought-work and organized planning are two main tenets of transformation.

I help you hone your inner compass and rewire your brain to embrace the creative flow and relax into the process as you bring your vision to life, consistently over time.

Mission + Vision

My mission is to bring more joy and creativity into the world.
My vision is to see creativity flourish everywhere.


Creative CoachingPackages

Wherever you are in your creative process—from scattered to stuck to musing to zealous—I provide a calm & energized space to help you clarify your vision, address blocks & form productive habits to take the next step forward in your creative life.



These 12 one-hour sessions can be used over any time frame, but I suggest weekly, bi-weekly or monthly scheduling. Consistency is key. 12 weekly sessions covers 3 months, which is a solid foundation for forward momentum.


You have the option to purchase 4 sessions at once and schedule them at your convenience.


Schedule a single session at any time as questions arise or you recognize the need for extra support.




***You may buy any consulting package for use now, later, or as a gift. Questions? Email me at nancy@imaginaria.live

***The default location for meetings is a virtual conference call via Zoom.

***Payment plans are available upon request. Please contact me.