Happy Clients

“Nancy was able to flesh out my idea and help me organize my thoughts as she set about planning and promotions for OUT LOUD with a fervor equal to my own! Her organizational skills, knowledge, and experience make her the perfect resource for any event I can think of.”
— Dave Russo | Founder of OUT LOUD: A Cultural Evolution
Nancy helps bring organizational skills, insight, and know-how about marketing to artists who need her support!
— Tresha Faye Haefner | Founder, The Poetry Salon
“My experience working with Nancy was fantastic, and worth every penny. Having an artist mind doesn’t always mean that it translates to clarity easily. Nancy made clarity accessible for me by listening to my message and giving it back to me in a sequential order. From there I could properly present myself. This is a very powerful and necessary thing for a visual artist.”
— René C. Capone | Artist, Capone Fine Art
“I worked with Nancy for three months, and in that time, I gained confidence in my goal to be a full-time writer. Nancy outlined how to set and achieve short- and long-term goals. What I learned from her made a big difference in how I approach every day. We all need guidance from time to time. As adults, we can find our teachers. I’m very happy to have found a kind and knowledgeable teacher in Nancy to help guide me on my journey.”
— Mary Anne Perez | Writer
Nancy listened carefully to consider the tools I needed, so when she did suggest specific plans/goals they were right on target. I especially appreciated that she was flexible and willing to try just checking in with me after initially creating a plan. The accountability aspect worked so well for me!
— Rachael Rifkin | Writer, Life Stories Today
“Working with Nancy Woo is like having a highly-skilled literary therapist in your corner. She helped me develop a solid plan when it came to promoting my book, and was quick to pivot whenever new projects arose.”
— Deena Saunders-Green | MSW, Author & Founder of Green Pines Media
“What can I say… Nancy Woo’s talent far exceeds my expectations. Her ability to craft a well-written story while being highly attuned to my needs is amazing. Nancy has assisted me in clarifying my product/services, copyediting, book writing, light and heavy editing, and more. Nancy is my one-stop shop for creative and clear writing. I cannot recommend her more! Thank you Nancy!!!!”
— Greg Matigian | Founder of The True Life Initiative
“Nancy understood exactly what needed to be changed about my book to make it the best it could be. She communicated clearly. Her recommendations were excellent. And her capacity to go with the flow of what can be a grueling writing process was expansive. I benefited greatly from my work with this very smart and capable writer and editor.”
— Dr. Regalena Melrose | PhD, Speaker, Author & Clinical Psychologist
“I have been in business for many years and have worked with at least 3 different web designers and Nancy is the only individual who took the time to experience my space/business. She not only listened attentively but truly heard my story, vision and mission and was able to translate those effectively to my website. Nancy is a force, a wordsmith and a kind soul! Thank you Nancy for all you do!”
— Sanja Oropeza | Ayurvedic Practitioner & Founder of Kevala Wellness
“I was completely stuck and frozen when it came to my website. I could talk about my work and the impact it makes, but Nancy made my work come alive visually on my website! She’s easy to talk to and always took my feedback and brought back a product with more flavor than I could’ve imagined! I’d recommend her to anyone that wanted that one-on-one experience. I felt held every step of the way. Thank you!!”
— Ana Rosa Najera | LCSW, MSW at Self Integration Guidance
“Nancy helped me to get started in preparing the press release for my company. Her ability to visualize steps required for launching promotions, marketing and web design was very helpful in seeing the big picture and prioritizing action. Very personable, optimistic and passionate team worker. Highly recommended.”
— Farshad “Ram Bhakt” Rezai | Yoga Teacher & Founder of Long Beach School of Yoga | LongBeachSchoolofYoga.com
“Nancy is an excellent editor and content director. Her talents go beyond writing content–she gets to the core of the message and puts time into understanding the business model, audience, and company goals. I recommend her to any professional or organization that is looking to focus their messaging strategies.”
— Alex Kater | Marketing Director & Web Designer
“Nancy taught me to think outside of the box and fine-tune my writing and editing skills in a way no one else has. Her professionalism, organizational skills, bubbly personality, and willingness to assist in any way possible make me beyond thrilled to know this lovely lady.”
— Kristy Kravitsky | Assistant Office Manager, Grasshopper Lawns Inc.
“When Nancy comes to the table she brings with her an aptitude for writing and for working with people that far surpasses one’s expectations. She balances a can-do attitude with real-world experiences and pragmatism. Nancy is an incredibly bright and gifted woman.”
— Danielle Mitchell | Poet & Founder of The Poetry Lab

Practice progress over perfection.

Be kind to yourself.

Celebrate often.