Lucky Seven Performance Roulette
7:00 PM19:00

Lucky Seven Performance Roulette

INTRODUCING: Lucky Seven Performance Roulette!

Nancy Lynée Woo and Elmast Kozloyan bring you a fun, surprising open mic style stage show with a cash prize. Open to anyone with a one-mic performance in 10 minutes or less. Audience casts their bets for their favorite. Lots of cheering. Lots of games. No guarantees. Luck of the draw.

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Surprise the Line: Writing a Research Poem
1:30 PM13:30

Surprise the Line: Writing a Research Poem

This is a small-group generative poetry writing workshop that is curiosity-driven and process-oriented.

MARCH: Writing a Research Poem
Sunday, March 31st, from 1:30-4:00 pm
Grounds Cafe in Long Beach

***What This Workshop Will Offer

You'll learn a process for incorporating external research into your poems for greater depth and clarity of detail!

Poems are responses to the world both inside us and around us. In this workshop, we will take an outward-facing view to investigate a particular subject or topic of interest to you. This is a way to break out of writing solely from personal experience, and start writing with an eye toward social, historical or scientific inquiry.

First, you'll be asked to research a topic or question ahead of time, and bring in some of that material, either printed or on your laptop. We'll start by reading some "research poems" from published poets, then move through some freewriting exercises to get the wheels moving. We'll practice unearthing the "gems" from what you've researched: highlighting the language that inspires you, the facts that surprise you, and the questions that ignite you. 

We'll use found language from the research to craft a poem that focuses on surprise and curiosity. You will leave with sections of a poem, if not a complete first draft, and a process you can repeat ad infinitum! There will be time to share our work and responses in a supportive way with the group.

***How to Sign Up

All levels are invited to play! Whether you're just starting to get interested in reading and writing poetry, or whether you have been writing for years, this workshop offers a space to explore and write. In order to surprise the line, we have to first surprise ourselves: this is a creative space to unplug from all distractions in the outside world and connect to your creative center. Writing poems is part craft and part self-discovery.

Space is limited to 9. RSVP and payment ahead of time are required to secure your spot. Please purchase a ticket through Eventbrite or otherwise email me at with any questions, thoughts or comments.

A small or regular-size coffee or tea is included with your ticket! Speciality drinks and food are available for purchase from the coffee shop.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Motivating Philosophy

Structure allows room for experimentation. Add elements of craft to your unique aesthetic, stir, and see what happens. Taking our work seriously doesn’t mean taking ourselves too seriously! Invite surprise onto the page. Have fun! Poetry is discovery. What else is there to do but create?

For reviews of past workshops from previous attendees, please see:

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