BIG Brainstorm Session

BIG Brainstorm Session


Ready to ease an idea out into a plan? This big brainstorm session is designed to get your big ideas out of your head and onto the page, and then into a plan.

We allow 2 hours of creative space to question and discover. There are no wrong answers, only big ideas that can be whittled into a plan. Nancy acts as a sounding board to help you determine goals, set a timeline, and create a plan for any big idea you may have. In-person meetings are recommended if possible.

Through this process, you’ll learn more about what you want and why your vision is important to you. Then, you’ll create a plan to bring your vision to life, taking into account what works for you personally, allowing room for growth and discovery on the way.

The first step in bringing an idea to life is getting to know what it is and why it should exist. Next, creating a plan transitions the idea from abstract to concrete, allowing you to feel confident in taking a series of small actions, over and over again, to give life and texture to your vision.

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